*Author's note: Because we had multiple questions that had a similar answer, we have combined them into one post to avoid redundancy.

Question 1:

Is there a way to synchronize the stoplight on 3rd and Grand Avenue so that vehicles can travel the length of it without having to stop, thus saving gas and time for travelers?

Question 2:

Is it possible to place the 45 mph sign north of Beaufort and 3rd, leaving it 30 mph on Beaufort Street and therefore safer for pedestrians?


"As previously noted in Laramie Live responses, 3rd Street, Grand Avenue, and Snowy Range Road are under the jurisdictional authority of the State of Wyoming through the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). The city therefore does not have the authority to regulate the traffic in question. WYDOT regularly monitors traffic flows and counts to ensure the smooth flow of traffic through the community."

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