Did you know that Urban Dictionary describes Wyoming as "a distortion of space-time that only appears to exist?" I guess we shouldn't be surprised - how many times have we heard that joke that Wyoming doesn't exist? One million times? Maybe two?

Where Did The "Wyoming Doesn't Exist" Theory Start?

No one is 100% sure who started the theory that Wyoming doesn't exist. However, in 2020 a subreddit titled " r/Wyomingdoesntexist" began to grow in popularity. AP cited one thought process behind the movement: few people have met someone from Wyoming due to our small population.

The "Wyoming Doesn't Exist" movement is on TikTok now and has launched a thousand memes about the Cowboy State. I distinctly recall when I visited Virginia for a camp, I had a fellow student explain to me that Wyoming is actually. They also told me that the residents are all just dreaming of our existence while in test tubes...yes, I was and still am confused by that.

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Still, there are a lot of conspiracies going around that people don't actually "live" in Wyoming. Some go so far as to say Wyoming is a government conspiracy. The thought process always boggles me - we're on the U.S. map. You can clearly see us. So what, do people just blip out of existence when they cross the border, only to reappear in Idaho, Colorado, or one of our other border states?

But I digress. Wyoming not existing isn't the only rumor going around about living in the Cowboy State. Here's a list of some of the funniest, most confusing, and downright incorrect things people think about living in Wyoming.

22 Totally FALSE Things People Believe About Living in Wyoming

There are many mistruths, fictions, and false facts people believe about Wyoming. Let's address them, shall we?

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