The Wyoming Department of Transportation has completed a temporary single lane bridge over the section of road that washed out on WYO 130 July 19th. WYDOT posted on their website that WYO 130 reopened at approximately 4:15 PM this past Saturday. The washout killed 3 people and an emergency responder’s vehicle was also caught up in the torrential rains that washed away the victim’s vehicle . Emergency responder John Zeiger and Alex Constantinides, father and husband to the three killed, survived.

In response to the tragic event, the Wyoming Department of Transportation immediately began construction of a temporary single-lane bridge on the road. WYDOT  completed the single lane bridge this past Saturday allowing for the reopening of the section of Wyoming Highway 130 that was damaged by flooding. This feat was especially impressive as the road only remained closed for about 5 days after the disaster that left a trench through the road 9 feet deep and 25 feet wide, according to WYDOT. Drivers headed over WYO 130 are cautioned to keep watch for reduced speeds and electronic message signs alerting them of any further closures. Traffic will be self-regulating for now and reduced speeds as well as weight and width restrictions will be enforced on the new bridge. Vehicle widths have been restricted to 12 feet and truck weights are also limited to between 16,000 and 32,000 pounds. Weight limits will be enforced based on the number and configuration of a truck’s axles.

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