One Wyoming rancher is out to prove that it's physically impossible to tip over a cow. The experiment highlights the latest episode of Our Wyoming Life. The web series, which documents life on a working cattle ranch outside of Gillette, has over 27,000 YouTube subscribers.

While the host attempts to topple the family cow, Bambi, we learn that cows sleep lying down. He then demonstrates that several people would be needed to sustain the gravitational force required to tip over a 1,500 lb. cow. Which, theoretically, sounds possible, until the cow begins to move.

"It's not cow tipping, it's cows people-tipping," he concludes.

While cow tipping itself may be impossible, veterinarians often use hydraulic lifts to "cast" cattle. The process is widely practiced for branding and medical procedures. Cows can also tip themselves over accidentally. In rare cases, livestock can get stuck on their backs and may need to be rolled over.





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