A scam that targets car owners with promises of having their car wrapped for free,  allegedly courtesy of the Budweiser Beer Company, has surfaced in Wyoming.

Victims are targeted either by email or regular mail and told that Budweiser will be sending them a check for almost $2,000. They are told they will get $400 or more to wrap their car with the Budweiser logo but in order to implement the plan, they must wire two payments of $775 to someone in Florida.

But the check they have been sent bounces, and the victims are out the $1,550 they wired to the person in Florida.

Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dick Blust says anytime someone gets a message to deposit a check, and then wire money to someone, it is a scam.

He says that is true every single time, with no exceptions. While the letter being sent out features the Budweiser logo, the beermaker, in fact, has nothing to do with the scam.

A graphic of the scam letter can be seen below.

Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office
Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office


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