A new program through the Game and Fish Department aims to create lifelong hunters and anglers in the Laramie area. The Forever Wild Families program begins with orientation Wednesday, May 21 and continues throughout the summer.

Families will learn how to hunt, fish, and perform other outdoor activities. It is a two-year program with the first year focused on learning through experiences. In the second year, families are paired with mentors from the community who teach them more advanced skills.

The Forever Wild Family program is different from other programs (which focus primarily on youth), in that it focuses on family and community together to help build lifelong behaviors. Having that support system is what helps people to continue participating in these kinds of activities throughout their lives.

While the program is new to the Laramie and Cheyenne areas, this is the third region to launch it. The same program has already launched in regions near Cody and Lander (92% of those who were in the program demonstrated long-term commitment to outdoor activities in Wyoming).

Although this year’s families have already gone through the application process and have been selected, the program is expected to continue throughout the years.

For additional information on the program, email Robin Kepple at robin.kepple@wyo.gov or visit the program’s web page.

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