No Foolin' Around In Laramie This Saturday.


The Albany County 4-H will be having a Spring Bazaar this Saturday and they said "No Foolin."

If there's one thing I constantly fear is that whenever I make plans with someone, or think about going to an event, they would lie to me or pull some sort of a sick joke and not show up. I'm not sure why I have that fear because it has never happened to me before, but I guess that's just me.

But -- this one is no joke. Seriously. They will be having an event this Saturday, so everyone should go! The weather should be nice on Saturday... until it isn't anymore.

The Event

  • Date: Saturday, April 1
  • Time: 9 AM - 3 PM
  • Location: Albany County Fairgrounds (3510 S 3rd Street)

Date Spots In Laramie

Valentine's is coming up. Have you thought of what to do on that special day yet?

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