Laramie Mosquito Control has discovered West Nile virus in two separate mosquito samples collected this week in Laramie.

The two positive samples were in mosquitoes collected from Laramie Mosquito Control surveillance traps located inside the city limits, according to the City of Laramie.

Parks and Recreation Director Todd Feezer said despite the city finding the two samples of West Nile, the risk of West Nile virus infection is still quite low.

“Right now we have only had two pools test positive,” Feezer said. “It’s a very minor risk at this point.”

Laramie’s risk of West Nile virus infection continues to be rated at a Level 1, or low risk. Feezer said before Laramie would be bumped up to a Level 2, more samples would have to be discovered.

“The next level is when we start to see avian cases or human cases,” Feezer said.  “Equine cases could also bump us to that extra level or when we have significant, heavy pools testing positive for West Nile virus.”

Feezer said Mosquito Control is continuing its larval treatments and adult mosquito fogging treatments to keep mosquitos in the residential areas to a minimum. He says occasional cases of West Nile in mosquitoes is normal.

“It’s pretty typical to see this West Nile virus show up at this time,” he said. “We’re not overly concerned at this point about the West Nile virus showing up, we just want to let people know that it has been found in the area.”

Feezer said there are some precautions people can take to further reduce the risk of West Nile virus infection, including wearing long sleeves and pants, using bug spray with DEET, draining any standing water near your home and taking the proper precautions at dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active.

The samples were tested positive for West Nile using the city’s Rapid Analyte Measurement Platform, or RAMP. The samples will be sent to the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory for confirmation.

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