Laramie residents have a little longer than originally planned to voice their opinions on the possible purchase of about 5,500 acres of land east of Laramie.
Albany County Commissioner Tim Chesnut said the original contract with the commissioners has been amended and they are no longer required to decide tomorrow on whether to sign the purchase agreement, giving commissioners more time to gather public comment.

“Last week Commissioner [Heber] Richardson and the county attorney had a discussion, and Phil Nicholas agreed with us and said that the timing was too quick,” Chesnut said.  “There’s a lot of things on the contract he wants to refine. We will take no action tomorrow, they are giving us a little more time.”

Chesnut said that the commissioners will alert the public when a new deadline has been established.

The commissioners will host a special public hearing tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Albany County Courthouse to gather Laramie resident’s thoughts on the purchase and sale agreement of the land.

The meeting is the latest in a series of public hearings scheduled by the city and the county. The commissioners hosted a public comment period Thursday and a comment period was also held at the city council’s regular meeting Tuesday.

Albany County Commissioner Tim Chesnut said the commissioner’s regular meeting tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. will also include time for public comment, now that the commissioners do not have to take action on the possible agreement.

Chesnut says besides the meeting scheduled for tonight and Tuesday, the commissioners hope to schedule at least one more public hearing to discuss the possible land purchase.

For those who are unable to attend meetings, commenters are also able to submit comments on the commissioner’s webpage.

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