The City of Laramie will be ramping up its efforts to prevent West Nile Virus as 10 more mosquitos just outside city limits have tested positive for the virus. Last week Mosquito Control stated it had found eight mosquito samples that tested positive for WNV. 

City Council approved $35,560 for the Emergency Insect Management Program Grant Agreement between the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the City of Laramie for the city’s West Nile Prevention Plan.

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During the 2023 mosquito season, Mosquito Control has tested 163 mosquito pools, and has only found eight positive results. 

Laramie remains at a level 1, low-risk for WNV. The press release Friday, Aug. 4 stated current surveillance shows moderate levels of vector mosquitos (the type that are most likely to carry WNV) just outside city limits, near the Big Laramie River and agricultural sites nearby, but vector numbers remain low inside city limits. 

West Nile testing results have remained relatively low in the last few years in Laramie, due to pest control management procedures. 

In, 2022, 41 mosquito pools were tested with 1 sample positive. In 2021, 117 mosquito pools were tested with 4 samples positive. In 2020, 50 mosquito pools and 3 crows were tested with no positive samples, and in 2019, 99 mosquito pools were tested with 4 samples positive.

Mosquito populations are still high outside City limits, and the City of Laramie will continue fogging residential neighborhoods and other areas where vector and nuisance mosquitos are being found. 

The City reminds people to be aware of peak mosquito locations and to wear protective clothing and some form of bug repellent while recreating outdoors, especially in the evening hours. 

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