The City of Laramie Mosquito Control has scheduled the application of granular larvicide in order to control larval mosquitoes in rural areas around the city.

The application is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, beginning at daylight. The product is a granular form of Bacillus thuringensis israelensis (Bti) which is designed to penetrate heavy foliage areas in order to reach water sources where larvae are present.

Bti is environmentally friendly and will not harm fish, amphibians, livestock, or other aquatic invertebrates in the area.

Treatment areas include:

  • irrigated acreages along the Big Laramie River southwest of the City
  • flooded riparian zones in the Big Laramie flood plain southwest and north of the City
  • acreages north and west of the City that are irrigated by the North Canal
  • the Pioneer Canal

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