On Sunday, February 5th, at approximately 1:40PM, an accident on Interstate 80 in Laramie partially closed the road after a wreck involving a semi-truck and a Ford SUV. The incident occurred just adjacent to the 15th street bridge that crosses Interstate 80 in Laramie, closing all westbound I-80 lanes and one eastbound lane.

Reports from the Wyoming Highway Patrol's responding officer said that a female driving a Ford SUV was traveling westbound on I-80 when she slammed on her brakes in an attempt to use the median cross over. She was being followed by the semi truck pictured above, which slammed on its brakes as well and swerved. The semi impacted the back of the SUV sending both vehicles into the cement and cable barriers between the eastbound & westbound I-80 lanes. Parts of the barrier were pushed into the left eastbound lane, while the semi truck ended up sideways blocking all westbound traffic lanes.

As you can see from the gallery above, substantial damage was caused to the tractor trailer that severely bent the cab's frame. Witnesses also reported heavy damage to the Ford SUV. When we arrived on the scene, the tractor trailer was cleared from one of westbound lanes and was facing eastbound as crews tried to clear the wreck. Amazingly no one was injured in the crash and the Wyoming Highway patrol would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to use interstate cross-overs.

This makes for the second big accident we have seen in the last few days in Laramie. There was also a six car pileup on Grand Avenue late this past week.

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