The Laramie Police Department is asking the public for information on a dog bite that occurred on December 7th at the Dog Park at Optimist Park at about 4:30 p.m.

The bite victim was trying to break up a dog fight between her dog, a Brittany spaniel mix, and a larger black lab. The gender of the lab is unknown and it is unknown whether the lab was a pure bred or a mix. The only identifiers was a dark blue or black collar. No clear owner was identified. The bite victim returned after the bite, but no witnesses were able to be found.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this dog or the owner is asked to call the Animal Control Unit at 721-5385 or the non-emergency dispatch line at 721-2526.

Dogs that do not ordinarily bite humans may do so during a fight or defending territory. Extreme caution should be used during any attempts to break up dog fights. The Animal Control Unit would like to remind everyone that animal bites could involve exposure to rabies and that all animal bites must be reported to the Animal Control Unit immediately.

Should you be bit, it is imperative that victims of animal bites try to identify the specific animal and the owner’s contact information while they are still present.

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