The Naughty Pines Derby Dames are partnering with UW Lifesavers Initiative for their final bout of the season against the Boulder County Bombers. The Naughty Pines head into the bout with a 2-1 record. Not only will fans get to see a dame make her debut on the roster, all ticket holders will also get into The Library after party for free.

The dame known as 'Blood Shek'n Tears' has been moved up to the competition roster for this bout. There are currently 25 active dames, but many are still learning the sport of roller derby and participate with the team during practices and intra-squad bouts in addition to the volunteer work the dames do.

Doors will open at the Laramie Ice & Events Center at 6 p.m. and the bout will begin at 7 p.m. on Saturday, August 25th. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. The after party will be at The Library with The Patti Fiasco providing entertainment.

Derby Dame 'Ogre' reports that the Naughty Pines have had a successful 2012 season while partnering with organizations like Shepard Symposium, the Laramie Animal Shelter and the Queer Advocacy Network to provide LGBT Equality. The NPDD are a non-profit that strives not only to play roller derby but also to enhance the local community by lending support and volunteering hours to other non-profits in the area. UW Lifesavers Initiative works to raise awareness about and prevent suicide.

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