Earlier this week we reported that Laramie High School Principal Stacy Bush announced her resignation, effective at the end of the academic year .Today she released the statement that she had read at a faculty meeting:


The students and staff at Laramie High School comprise an amazing educational community.  The caring and commitment to the success of every individual at LHS is remarkable.  I am proud of the great strides we have made together to reach the school and district goals, and I hope you are too.  In the midst of these successes however; it has become apparent that the steps that I am taking to reach the school and district goals are not  in sync with those of the District Leadership.  As a result, I will be resigning my position as principal of Laramie High School at the end of this school year.  I know that we have established a very strong foundation that can be used as a springboard to even more success for our educational community. Until my very last day, you can count on me to provide high quality leadership, keeping students and staff as the highest priority while positioning Laramie High School well to transition to new leadership.  And even after I have moved on, I will continue to wish the very best for Laramie High School and will be LHS’s biggest cheerleader.  Once a Plainsman always a Plainsman!


We reached out earlier in the week to Stacy Bush for comment but did not receive a reply.


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