On Tuesday, Laramie Police Department released a statement on their felony arrest practices.

Law enforcement operations in a free society must not be shrouded in secrecy. Crime, its results, and the efforts to stop it are all matters of continuing public concern. It is reasonable to believe public perceptions and safety can be enhanced with the regular release of information on felony arrests. The public may be more aware of crime and investigations happening within their community and police department.

The Laramie Police Department routinely issues media releases on felony arrests per our General Orders. The only exceptions are if a release of the information would compromise an ongoing investigation, subsequent investigation, or an investigation in partnership with another law enforcement agency, and they are doing their own release. Information on sexual assault arrests which could lead to the identity of the victim and juvenile identities are not released. Misdemeanor arrests are not routinely posted but are provided to the media daily.

It is not our intent to cause undue embarrassment to victims, witnesses, or suspects.  Comments by the public on social media should follow these guidelines as well.

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