Third Street and chip sealing is the name of the construction game right now. Brooks Webb, Public Works Director, said Third Street water main repair and construction is moving along nicely, and the site is preparing to move again this weekend. 

“The contractor, Oftedal, made good progress after Jubilee Days…Beginning on the evening of Aug. 5, the closure will be from University to Garfield. This will probably be the most impactful closure of the project since it encompasses the 3rd and Grand intersection.”

Webb is hoping the painful part will be finished by Labor Day. “The plan is to complete work within that closure area before Labor Day, so about a month-long closure. Once that section is completed, we will move south. So, after Labor Day we will close between Garfield and Sheridan.”


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Other road closures around town will occur as chip seal jobs take place. The goal is to complete chip seal projects near school zones first before school starts. Webb said, “Those closures should be less than a day each since the chip seal moves pretty fast.”

Here is the list of upcoming closures:

  • 9th Street from Shield St. to Reynolds St.; Lewis St. through Harney St.; Grand Ave. to Russell St.
  • 15th Street from Grand Ave. to Spring Creek Dr.
  • Adams Street from Snowy Range Rd. to Commerce Dr.
  • Alta Vista Drive from Hidalgo St. to Arapaho St.
  • Arapaho Street Grays Gable Rd. thru Alta Vista Dr.
  • Boulder Drive from Grand Ave. to Beech St.
  • Garfield Street from Snowy Range Rd. to Cedar St.
  • Inca Drive from Grays Gable Rd. to Northview St.
  • Vista Drive from Grand Ave. to Beech St.

Construction of the West Side stormwater drainage begins soon, on Adams, VanBuren, and Buchanan Streets.  Webb said, “Materials have been ordered by the contractor, but we will not have a definitive start date until the materials arrive.”

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