For over twenty years, Freedom Has A Birthday has been the place to be if you’re in Laramie on the Fourth of July, so Laramie Live will be there! Stop by our booth between 10 AM and 3 PM for your chance at some free goodies, including t-shirts, or just to chat with your source for everything Laramie.

Last year over 13,000 people made their way to Washington Park for this “low cost, alcohol free, family- oriented, old fashioned Fourth of July Celebration.” It’s no wonder when you consider all of the free stuff, including ice cream, lemonade, water, cookies, watermelon, snow cones and entertainment.

Here’s the entertainment that’s lined up so far-

9:30 Childrens Parade
9:45 Opening Ceremonies
Color Guard: American Legion Bill Schott 761-1700
Pledge: Pastor Jeff McQuerry Former Marine
National Anthem

Band Shell

10:00 Municipal Band
11:00 Jilly Bean
12:00 Hillbilly Band
1:00 Basmati
2:00 Jubilante Ensembles of Carbon County
3:00 Wyoming Gamelan

Center Stage Dano Stage Trailer

11:00 Painter Brothers
12:00 Dano
1:00 Tuffy Tanner and Friends
2:00 The High Life
3:00 High Voltage Band

East Stage Arthur Ranch Stage Trailer

11:00 Klep
12:00 Dare TO Dance
12:30 Jillybean
1:30 Zumba
2:30 Michael Jackson dance
2:45 Father Son Musical Linford School

Roaming the Park

11:00 Gymnastics
2:00 Zumba Rec Center Group

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