Laramie's 2021 “Fire in the Sky” fireworks display will begin at approximately 10 pm on Sunday, July 4, weather depending. In case of such weather conditions, the show will be held on July 5.

J&M Displays of Iowa will be supplying the fireworks and pyrotechnician Dave Akers returns for his 31st consecutive display in Laramie.

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The display will be launched from the area near 22nd Street and Armory Road. Portions of N 22nd Street, Armory Road, and Television Road will be closed prior to the display because of their proximity to the drop zone.

The display will consist of approximately 301 aerial shells ranging in diameter from 3 to 8 inches. A 600-foot drop zone radius applies under “no wind” conditions, as even a light breeze can push shell debris out to greater distances.

Spectators are encouraged to make the fireworks display a family event and the City recommends viewing the show from nearby City parks and other locations, such as Fraternity/Sorority Park or the Jacoby Golf Course on the UW campus.

The City also reminds pet owners that the Fourth of July can be a stressful time of year for pets with all the added noise from fireworks. Bringing your pets indoors can help reduce their stress and prevent accidents and/or runaways.

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