The real keys to the city belong to those who keep it organized and running smoothly. That person for Laramie is Nancy Bartholomew, City Clerk. She’s more than the keys; she’s what keeps it alive. 

In fact, Assistant City Manager Todd Feezer said she’s “The heart of our organization.”

Bartholomew was recently recognized for receiving her Certified Municipal Clerk designation. This certification took several years, and 110 credits. Bartholomew says the certification’s purpose and the Masters of Municipal Clerk (MMC) designations “are to promote a knowledge for City Clerk’s staff within municipalities across the United States but also internationally.”

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Or as City Manager Janine Jordan put it at the last City Council meeting: “It means she’s certified to give you [the council] good advice in this meeting about how to conduct a well-run, fair, and transparent meeting for the public.”

Keeping the City up to date with local and national changes in municipality practices and laws is a monumental feat, so Bartholomew “encouraged our Deputy Clerk to complete the same training, which he completed in November, to keep our division knowledgeable in our field of expertise.”

Feezer and Jordan spoke about her incredible work ethic but emphasized Bartholomew’s kindness.

“I’m one of the few people who are lucky enough who gets to work with Nancy every day. She brings the same care, compassion, fire, and excitement to the job every day. It’s amazing. It’s a joy to work with her.”

Bartholomew, who’s worked for the city for seven years, enjoys the challenges the work brings as no two days are the same, and that she gets to “organize and set processes to my heart’s content, and my work creates a positive impact in our community when done well.”

She also “works very hard to brighten people’s days,” Freezer added. 

Jordan called her a “rockstar” who the City is “Really blessed to have her as a member of our team and a part of our community, and speaking to Bartholomew’s love of all things organizational and improvement, Jordan said she’d wished they had more time to disseminate more information to the public, like brochures and booklets.

“And she just ran with that. Her office has created a whole bunch of brochures and public information in the last few years, like the rental housing ordinance. I appreciate the initiative she’s shown.”

Bartholomew and her family have lived in Laramie for 23 years. They enjoy all things Wyoming: hiking, camping, and paddle boarding in nearby recreational areas like Curt Gowdy and the Snowy Mountain Range. 

“We love that our community is close to outdoor recreation opportunities and small enough that you get to know others and sometimes cross paths.”

And others who are lucky enough to cross their paths. “If you’ve met Jake, Mercedes, and Grace, they’re fantastic people to be around,” Freezer added. 

“We’re blessed to have her. We appreciate everything she does for us and our community… and she’s really good at impromptu acts of kindness.” 


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