Your Question:

Why do most intersections on the West Side and West Laramie not have stop signs? Most people don't even slow down and it seems unsafe.

The City's Response:

A traffic study was done on the streets south of Snowy Range several years ago and determined which streets needed stop signs.  No other streets were studied.  The low traffic volumes do not meet the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards for installing stop signs.  The MUTCD does not permit the use of stop signs for speed control and does have other warrants that should be met such as the number of vehicles on using the streets.  Also, we have found that having every intersection signed in some of the areas in east Laramie promotes the running of stop signs.  The randomness of vehicles in the low volume areas lead to a belief by drivers that they don't need to stop as there is seldom cross street traffic.

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