Bluepeak began connecting its first customers in Laramie today to officially launch its fiber internet service in the Wyoming community, according to a release by the internet provider. This milestone follows a previously announced investment of $13 million to bring Bluepeak’s high-speed fiber network to nearly 13,000 homes and businesses in Laramie.
Matt Grosinger, a Laramie resident of 45 years and employee of the University of Wyoming's information technology department, was the first to connect to Bluepeak service today. As a gesture of appreciation, Bluepeak presented him with a gift basket containing swag and goodies from local Laramie favorites Coal Creek Coffee, Mary's Mountain Cookies, Wyoming Rib & Chop House, The Lodge, Murdoch's, and the Brown N' Gold Outlet.
“Two reasons [I chose Bluepeak]. It's fiber optic and the price point. It's a lot better speed for less money,” said Grosinger during the installation of their new fiber service this morning. “That sense of community from the Bluepeak crew so far has been pretty awesome. I did not expect that. Besides the technical side, having the community that's Bluepeak is pretty cool. It's icing on the cake."

Where in Laramie can you find Bluepeak?

Laramie residents in the area north of Harney Street and Grays Gable Road between 15th Street and Inca Drive, the area north of Downey Street between Ninth and 15th streets, and the apartment buildings east of Ivinson Memorial Hospital will be the first to have service available to them, with construction moving west after that. Those interested can confirm service availability with their address on

“Fast, reliable and affordable internet has long been a challenge for people in Wyoming and the city of Laramie, so we’re excited to be a part of the solution for them,” said Rich Fish, Bluepeak’s CEO. “Our fiber-to-the-home network expansion is owed to the great work and ongoing partnership with Laramie city officials, who we’ve worked closely with every step of the way.”

Why Bluepeak?

Bluepeak’s service will address a great need in Laramie for more broadband options.
Bluepeak dramatically improves the options for residents in Wyoming by providing fast, reliable, affordable internet to communities, with service already available to CheyenneSheridan, and Casper residents.
With Bluepeak service, customers get faster speed, equal upload and download speeds, and whole-home WiFi. Bluepeak features transparent, all-in pricing, where the price on the website is the price on the bill, with a minimum speed tier of one gigabit-per-second (Gbps) internet service for just $50 per month. Homes can get up to 5 Gbps and businesses 10 Gbps and beyond. Each internet speed package includes eero Secure, which protects devices from online threats, and ads and allows for customized content filtering. Bluepeak’s network provides faster speeds, better connectivity, and the bandwidth to connect more devices for internet, streaming, gaming, and more.
Residents and businesses in Laramie interested in service availability or details on the construction process can sign up for updates by entering their service address at

About Bluepeak 

Bluepeak is building a faster, more reliable internet without the things that get in the way of great service — like red tape, hidden fees, and slow response times. Offering up to 5 gigabits of speed for residential customers and 10 gigabits and beyond for businesses, Bluepeak is a whole new ballgame — from the internet to TV, to connecting every device in a home, to powering a business, Bluepeak not only provides the best fiber connections in the communities it serves but also meets the growing needs for how its customers live. Visit to learn more. 

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