The Boomerang just published an article stating that the City sees a lot of recyclable materials going in to the trash (which costs them money); and they think part of the reason is that people run out of room in their recycling bins. Would the City ever consider putting out dumpsters in town for recycling? The Ark used to have bins the public could use, and it was very helpful. Or let people bring loads of just recyclable materials to the dump without charging the fee? It seems the City could increase the amount of materials they recycle and keep them from going in the landfill if they were more open to accepting the materials.


“The City does accept drop off recycling at the Laramie Landfill for a fee. Residents and businesses can request additional recycling carts for a fee.

The recycling program does indeed cost money and the fees pay for the collection, processing and transportation of recyclables. The City’s recycling program is only supported by fees charged for the services provided.”

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