Your Question:

How often is the city supposed to take care of the alleys? I have been in my house for four years and our alley is horrible. The city has dug up the alley in two different places and never graded it back flat.

The City's Answer:

"During past budget cycles, alley maintenance became a lower priority for streets.  Alleys were to be maintained on a request basis only when time, personnel & equipment availability allowed.  We are still working under that policy.  If a citizen calls in a request to have an alley graded, we will put it on a list and then grade it when we have personnel and equipment available.  We usually will do several at a time to make better use of our time.

Excavation for water breaks repairs are handled differently.  If they are in the alley, the Street Division completes final work.  If they are in the street, we request that the Utilities Division maintain them until they are permanently patched.  For either type of  repair, contact the Street Division at 721-5277 and appropriate arrangements will be made to complete the necessary work.”

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