With the insanely and dangerously cold weather making its way toward us, the Albany County, WY Emergency Management is reminding us to stay safe.

Yes, most of us might be used to this harsh winter weather, but it's always good to take precautions, and maybe help those whose experiencing their first Laramie winter.

It will also be one of the coldest windchills we'll experience in decades.

The Albany County, WY Emergency Management posted on their Facebook page how to dress for the cold weather,  and what to do if you get stranded in your vehicle.

Dressing For Cold Weather

The key is always to layer up. Or actually, in this case, just BUNDLE UP. I am a fan of ankle pants and no-show socks, but the brutally cold weather will be the death of me if I were to dress up that way. So just, cover everything! Exposed skin can cause frostbite within minutes!

What To Do If You Get Stranded In Your Vehicle?

Maybe time to finally eat that one Snicker bar from 3 Halloweens ago that's in that glove compartment? And also, stay in your vehicles, run the heat 10 minute an hour, and keep snow clear from the exhaust pipe to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


Stay safe and warm everyone!

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