Where: Tuesday, July 26th, 6:00 pm

When: Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site

Dr. Stephen Williams will speak at the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site on mushrooms in the wild, around the world, and on the kitchen table.

This evening July 26th the lecture begins at 6:00 p.m. and will feature photos and information on mushrooms harvested in the Snowy Range area, their preparation for meals, and how mushrooms and other forms of fungi enhance the environment and aid in restoring disturbed lands.  “So often the pathogenic fungi, or those that grow on and spoil food, are stressed in our society.

However, fungi have mostly positive attributes – from decomposition of yard wastes, to fermentation of beverages, to acting as symbiotic partners with plants,” says Williams, a University of Wyoming Professor of Soil Biology and Biochemistry in the Department of Renewable Resources.

For more information, please contact Curator Misty Stoll at misty.stoll@wyo.gov or (307) 745 – 3733.  This event is located at 975 Snowy Range Rd. in Laramie, WY.