For years everyone in Laramie has probably noticed the steel brown oil derrick structure laying on its side at Laramie Valley Chapel across from Wal-Mart and wondered what it was for. Well bright and early this morning construction crews at the church finally raised its steeple high into the Laramie sky. Work began first thing around 5:30 AM to avoid the threat of wind that would have prevented the cranes from maneuvering the steeple into place. About 50 members of the church gathered around as they waited in anticipation of having the steeple in place after a five to six year wait. In May of 2008 when a tornado came through Laramie it actually lifted the whole structure up and moved it so the church had to ensure it was still structurally sound. Over the last month construction crews have completed the steeple, shingling it with a shiny bronze covering. It was lifted flawlessly into place this morning and secured to the top of the church building just as planned. Once the steeple was in place there was one last thing to do though; place a cross on top. A metal cage was hooked up to the end of the crane and two members of the construction crew rode up into the sky with the cross and bolted it to the top of steeple for all to see as a welcoming to our city. The steeple now stands in its final place with the cross reaching up into the city of Laramie's skyline.