It's that time of year again; as Laramie's cold weather begins to moderate and everyone prepares for beautiful summer weather, we can all look forward to a whole new list of activities to get out and enjoy. The Laramie Parks and Recreation division has informed us that this week ends the season for public skating sessions at the Ice and Event Center. If you have Friday night open you can skate for free thanks to the public skate night being held by Laramie Valley Chapel. If you skate Friday between 6 & 8 PM it is free thanks to Laramie Valley Chapel's free skate night, so come on out for free skating and pizza. You can't beat that! If you still want to get out one last time and have some fun skating the Ice Arena will be open the following days:

  • Sun Noon-3:45pm
  • Mon Noon-6pm
  • Tues  Noon-6pm
  • Wed 2-8pm
  • Thurs Noon-6pm
  • Fri 2-8pm (last two hours from 6 – 8 pm FREE!)
  • Sat  Noon-6pm
  • Sun Noon-4:45pm