The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYODOT) is reminding residents and travelers about the offerings under the Wyoming Travel Authorization Program (W-TAP) ahead of the 2022-2023 winter season.

What is W-TAP?

Through W-TAP, drivers can apply to receive authorization to travel on sections of closed roadways when it is deemed safe enough to do so.

W-TAP includes the Wyoming Authorized Travel (WAT) and the Rolling Closure Authorization (RCA) programs. The WAT application is open to all drivers but requires justification as to why a driver will need to travel on a closed road. Motorists are allowed to select up to seven road segments when applying for WAT.

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If a closure goes into effect, yet it is safe for limited travel, WYDOT will issue authorization and drivers will receive an authorization code via email or via the website to travel on authorized sections of the highway.

The RCA program is primarily for those with Wyoming driver's licenses and allows motorists to drive on roads closed due to a rolling closure. Motorists do not need to provide a travel justification as part of the application process but must agree to the terms of the program.

Applying & Account Update


New users can apply for travel authorization on the W-TAP website, HERE.

Returning users should use the same website to update their selected routes, contact information, or other account information if needed. Even if no changes are needed, users must confirm they still want to participate in the program each year.

Please note that if any road segment information is updated, it will submit a new application for review.

WYDOT recommends any new users or users updating their account do so before winter arrives; applications may take extra time to be processed during a winter storm.

Travel authorizations are not issued during every road closure. The ultimate authority to allow passage beyond highway closure gates lies with the Wyoming Highway Patrol. WATs or RCAs can be canceled at any time due to changing conditions or other hazards.

For the latest road conditions, visit, call 5-1-1, or download the Wyoming 511 app.

Stay safe folks!

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