It's official, after signing my life away last week, I will get to experience what it is like to be a Laramie Police Officer this coming Monday evening. As part of transparency in the Laramie Police force, they allow for ride-alongs with police officers, and I will be spending a lengthy amount of time looking at what a day in the life of a Laramie police officer looks like.

I personally already have a list of questions that I want to ask since I have been thinking about it for a while, many of which are things that I have wondered about for some time. However, before I go on my adventure with the Laramie Police I want to give you a chance to let me know what questions you have always been burning to ask a police officer. You can either put your question in the facebook comments below or just send me an e-mail. I will do my best to get them answered and come back with what I find out next week. In any manner it should make for a really interesting read.

As a side note, if you happen to have a job that you think is really interesting and that other people would like to see, let me know. We are considering making this into a series (A Day in the Life of a Laramie...) if we do get enough interest.