UW Students who are dorm-bound this school term have begun the process of moving in to their new homes on the University of Wyoming campus.

UW spokesperson Chad Baldwin says they're expecting over a thousand students to be relocating to the dormitories for the fall term.

Parking in the dormitory parking lots have thirty-minute limits during the move-in and are only available to arriving residents.

Various on campus organizations are donating time and efforts to aiding those moving in. The UW Residence Hall Association is providing free refreshments and several Greek organizations, among others, are donating muscle helping the Freshmen carry belongings to their room. Incoming residents can also, with an ID card, borrow laundry carts and wheel dollies to make the move go a little smoother.

On hand today was University of Wyoming new President, Dr. Bob Sternberg, who is, himself, a new face on campus.  "I came from Oklahoma to Wyoming to be the President," said Dr. Sternberg.  "You can't really have a university without students, you can only have the shell.  So it's just great seeing students finally here.  I've been walking around the campus and it's been empty, so this is the most exciting day so far."

At the early stages of the semester Dr. Sternberg went on to say that he's working on meeting members of the community.  "My main goal is to meet people and to listen.  Every university can become better and my goal for the University of Wyoming is for it to be the number one land-grant university."

Dr. Sternberg said he wants to hear from students, parents and community members on what they feel needs to be done to make the University a better place. He asks anyone with input to email him at robert.sternberg@uwyo.edu.

The University Campus is expecting students to be moving in throughout the weekend.

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