A University of Wyoming dean has been selected to join Deans for Impact, a national group that aims to improve educator preparation.

UW Education Dean Ray Reutzel was chosen to become a member of the group, which is made up of 30 leaders of educator-preparation programs around the country, according to a UW news release. Deans for Impact was founded in 2015 and seeks to change the way teachers are prepared for their occupation in the United States.

“We believe a small, tightly knit group of leaders committed to our guiding principles can be the critical force that drives change within our education system,” Deans for Impact Executive Director Benjamin Riley wrote in a letter to Reutzel.

Riley said in the letter that Deans for Impact is guided by the idea that educator preparation should be outcomes focused, data informed and empirically tested as well as transparent and accountable.

“The members of Deans for Impact collectively work together to advance these principles across the field,” Riley wrote.

The group includes deans of colleges of education at Temple University, Arizona State University, the University of Southern California, Southern Methodist University, the University of Virginia and Texas Tech University.

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