The interactive, mobile HungerU exhibition will be at Prexy’s Pasture Friday, Oct. 10, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., to encourage University of Wyoming students to learn about the global hunger challenge and solutions for feeding the world.

The HungerU Tour comes to UW to ignite the conversation about how tomorrow’s leaders can join the fight to end world hunger. To date, the exhibit has been to 51 universities throughout the United States.

By building awareness of the hunger issue and the critical role modern agriculture in food production, HungerU encourages students to take action in their communities to meet the growing demand for safe, nutritious and affordable food.

According to the HungerU website, hunger and malnutrition are responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other cause. Even in the United States, one in six Americans goes to bed hungry at night.

“The world’s biggest challenge for the next generation won’t be solving world peace or cancer -- the greatest dilemma today’s college students will face will be feeding the exploding population, which is expected to top nine billion by 2050,” the organization says.

To learn more about hunger issues and the platform to make a difference, visit and take the HungerU Challenge. HungerU is a special project of the Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmers Feeding the World effort, made possible by support from the foundation’s sponsors, including DuPont.