United Way of Albany County helps people to help people.

“United Way's mission is to fight for the health, education, and financial stability for everyone in Albany County,” Executive Director Anna Cramer said.

“We do this by partnering with 16 nonprofit agencies and supporting them financially so they can focus on their missions and not spend every moment they have fundraising.”

Cramer signed on as Executive Director of United Way six months ago. A longtime Laramie resident, she provides over a decade of experience in the nonprofit industry. She accepted the position as it was a practical and direct way to serve Laramie.

“This position is about helping everybody in the community. We can connect them with resources that already exist. Laramie nonprofits are experts in their specific fields, and they know how to best serve our community members,” she said.

To see the list of community partners, see the United Way site here. 

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United Way’s annual fundraising Campaign Kickoff last week in Laramie paved the way for continued care this year. The event last Thursday, Sept. 21 raised almost $40,000.

The Campaign Kickoff was held at The Black Fox on Welsh this year, with community members, board members, business owners, and others who support the United Way in Laramie attending.

So far, the campaign has raised over $150,000 of the $550,000 goal. Laramie philanthropist John Evans will match increased donated funds and new donations for the 2023 campaign up to $250,000. 

United Way raises funds to donate to several agencies in the Laramie area to ensure the community is fed, clothed, safe, counseled, cared for, and educated. 

There are no stipulations as to how the partner organizations spend their United Way dollars, which provides a lot of flexibility so Laramie nonprofits can serve our community in the ways they best see fit. 

“We offer unrestricted funds, which means they can use the funding to pay salaries, and operating costs, or use it to leverage for more funding, which several of them do. The more we raise, the more they get,” Cramer added. 

The 2023 Campaign started with the kickoff event and will officially end on Jan. 31, 2024.

United Way Campaign Kickoff 2023

The United Way of Albany County raises funds to donate to 16 partner organizations in town, ensuring that the groups who help the community can continue to do so.

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