Masquerade masks are required in order to “Unmask the Good in Laramie” next month.

“Laramie Connections Center launched The Good Lamaritan initiative to unmask the great spirit of volunteerism that exists in Laramie. Based on the premise of the old tale of the Good Samaritan, we hope to tell the stories of those who respond to the needs around us. Volunteers in our community are the backbone of service to others and we believe they are to be honored and recognized for their selfless efforts,” said Tim Snowbarger, Laramie Connections Executive Director. 

The Good Lamaratin Awards are being celebrated Friday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Alice Hardie Stevens Center. It’s a celebration of service in our community and the culmination of Connections’ year-long initiative to recognize Laramie’s volunteers. 

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Nominees will receive a gift, and the winner selected during the Masquerade Ball will receive a Laramie staycation package. 

Connections started in 2018, when Snowbarger, an urban minister, was sent to Laramie to re-start a church. 

Thinking Laramie didn’t necessarily need another church, he instead decided to do the work of the church in a new way. He launched a service-oriented nonprofit that provides what Snowbarger calls “gap services,” like transportation and loaner vehicles, volunteer resourcing, and the weekly Sunday dinner open to all of Laramie.

“As many people know, Laramie Connections Center believes that a healthy community thrives when it serves one another. Over the years, we have been able to glean from observing and partnering with some amazing organizations in Laramie that serve people in specific and effective ways. Many of those services are fulfilled by volunteers,” he said. 

Now, Snowbarger wants to recognize those volunteers in a grand way, while also giving Laramie a chance to see what Connections is really about.

“Through our high value of collaboration, we saw a great opportunity to regularly highlight that spirit of volunteering while exposing the community more to the mission and work through these wonderful organizations that are primarily non-profit,” Snowbarger said.

Along with the masquerade-themed recognition party, it’s also the new annual fundraiser for Laramie Connections Center,

“Our board was trying to design an adult event around the Halloween time of year that was costume-oriented. When we "pinned" the phrase "Unmasking the Good in Laramie" it made sense to create a masquerade-style experience, and is well complemented by the Cajun-style menu/jazz music of the night,” Snowbarger said. 

It is a cowboy formal masquerade ball with a Cajun-style buffet from Nick's Cowboy Catering, drinks by 3rd Street Bar, and entertainment by the Andy Wheelock Jazz Trio. There are tickets available at .

 “Oh yes, masks are required,” Snowbarger added.


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