Today is the day to vote in the primary election. Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzalez says the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you're interested in voting today, here is some helpful information to help you smoothly navigate through the process.

  • Find Your Polling Place: Anyone who needs help figuring out where their polling place is can call the Albany County Clerk's Office at (307)721-2541 or go to the Albany County website.
  • Register to Vote: Gonzalez says they will have people to help you register at every polling place, just be sure to bring a photo ID.
  • Get Help Voting at Your Polling Place: There is staff at every polling place that will help provide any voting aids needed, including magnifying sheets, bubble/write-in guides and clipboards. If necessary, Gonzalez reports that every polling place has an ES&S AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal.
  • Who's Running for What? The list of candidates filed are listed on the Albany County website.
  • Yes, You Can Leave Work to Vote: Secretary of State Max Maxfield sent out a reminder to employers last week to allow their employees one hour off work to vote. It is required by law, so saying you have to work is not a good excuse to not vote!

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