The University of Wyoming is set to have a Faculty Senate Speakers' Series Talk.

It all happens on Wednesday, April 24th at 4 p.m. in the Fine Arts concert hall. The purpose of the event is to provide more insight into the life if the young Mozart. Michael Griffith, UW Symphony conductor and professor in the Department of Music has been chosen to lead in his words "The C.F. Abel Symphony in E-flat, Opus 7, number 6, and its odd mistaken identity as the Mozart Symphony No. 3."

Griffith claims Mozart improved the work of Abel, who was very successful in the past, but now seems to be a lost composer. Griffith has been the conductor of the UW Symphony for now over 24 years and has led orchestras from all around the world. Griffith's resume includes stops from Rio de Janeiro to Shanghai. He's a winner of an ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award and has twice been elected as a top 10 Professor from UW.

For more information about the presentation on April 24th, call the Faculty Senate Office at (307) 766-5348 or email facultys@uwyo.edu.

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