Amy Richards, Townsquare Media
Amy Richards, Townsquare Media

Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says state lawmakers face a major challenge in trying to set a felony amount of marijuana edibles based on the state laws governing pot.

Glick says the problem is that many edibles are made with an oil that can be up to 90 percent THC (the active ingredient in pot).

The sheriff says even eating "a couple of legs off of a gummi bear" could be equal to smoking a joint made up of marijuana containing a THC purity level of 30 percent.

That means a three ounce edible containing a large amount of marijuana oil could be much more potent than three ounces of pot, which is the amount needed to charge someone with a felony under state law.

The sheriff says in fact there is no easy way to decide what amount of pot edibles are equivalent to that amount of weed.

A bill making three ounces of marijuana edibles a felony under state law has already passed the Wyoming Senate and is pending in the state house.

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