Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says he is becoming increasingly concerned about violent illegal immigrants as well as American prison inmates being released into U.S. communities.

Glick says one example can be found in Pinal County, Arizona, where Sheriff Paul Babeu reports having arrested large numbers of illegal immigrants for violent crimes.

But Glick says "staggering numbers'" of  violent criminals who were also immigrants were not deported when they were released, but were left free to roam the streets of American cities. Glick says no effort to deport even the most violent criminals was made, offering the opportunity to "revictimize victims all over again."

Glick says such people will "go out and re-offend" because that is what they do.

He says a Sentencing Reform Bill backed by President Obama could make the situation even worse by freeing violent American criminals from U.S. prisons. Glick says the legislation would free "multi-thousands" of  violent criminals from prisons across the country.

While that legislation has not passed congress and may not win approval, Glick says it's part of an overall tendency to let violent criminals out on the streets.

He says that while a large portion of the criminals being released may be drug offenders, many of them have violent histories that they are likely to repeat.

He adds part of the overall problem is that law enforcement is not at the table when decisions about releasing criminals are being made.

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