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The city received multiple questions on this subject, and they received similar answers. To avoid redundancy, they have been combined into one post.

Question 1:

Why is there no traffic monitoring being done by Linford Elementary School? A child was hit last year, and I have seen other kids nearly get hit on multiple occasions because people disregard the flashing signs.

Question 2:

I've noticed that a lot of cars do not stop for the crosswalk on 11th and Reynolds. I think this is because people assume that because the high school is no longer there that it's not important, but there are still children using the crosswalk on the way to Slade Elementary School. Is there a way to make people aware of this?


"The Laramie Police Department makes school zones a priority each morning and afternoon. In fact, during the times that school zones are active, other non-priority calls for service are held so that officers can focus on school zones. Unfortunately, there are more school zones than available police officers.

Per Wyoming Statute 31-5-602, 'The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right of way by slowing down or stopping if need be to yield to any pedestrian within or entering a crosswalk at either edge of the roadway.' If you see driving actions that are dangerous, the best course of action is to note the description of the vehicle involved and report it directly to dispatch by calling 307-721-2526. In regards to awareness about the situation, perhaps you could reach out to the school board and its members."

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