Author's Note: Multiple questions regarding this topic were submitted to Ask the City and received the same answer. To avoid redundancy, they have been combined into one post.

Question 1:

The area around the middle school has very heavy traffic with all of the development in the area, when can we expect a traffic signal to be installed at the intersection of 22nd and Reynolds Streets?

Question 2:

Are there any plans to place a stoplight at the intersection of 22nd and Reynolds? This has been an issue for a while with junior high kids crossing the street and people not stopping at the crosswalk.


"22nd Street and Reynolds is one of the highest vehicular volume stop-controlled intersections in the city. The most recent volume count data from recent traffic studies of the intersection suggest that a signal is not yet warranted (per the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices). The city is continually monitoring vehicle and pedestrian activity at this intersection, and updated traffic and pedestrian counts for the entire city are being collected this year.

Questions can be directed to the city's Engineering Division of Public Works by calling 307-721-5250"

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