LARAMIE -- One Twitter poster said it best: "Won't be many rants today."

Boy, isn't that the truth.

Wyoming moved to 3-0 on the season with a dominating 45-12 performance that featured a pair of interceptions for touchdowns courtesy of Keyon Blankenbaker and -- guess who -- Chad Muma.

That's Muma's second in consecutive weeks. He almost had a third, too.

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Sean Chambers and Isaiah Neyor were really good again. The two hooked up for four completions and 84 yards. Xazavian Valladay, Dawaiian McNeely and Chambers also scored on the ground for the Pokes. Treyton Welch snagged a touchdown catch on the first play of the second quarter.

There was no second-half meltdown today against the defending MAC Champions.

Here are today's raves and ... raves:



Dustin Merritt on Facebook: Although I respect Vigen, the final minute of the half is everything Pokes fans have wanted. Vigen would have run three plays and settled for a long field goal. Our new OC went for it.

Neil Blake Hokanson on Facebook: To be clear, let’s not forget what happened last week… : (




Dan Haley on Facebook: Awesome complete game. The team is getting better every week and learning from previous week’s mistakes. Huge progress. Let’s go Pokes! Beat UConn!

Ronald Hochstatter on Facebook: So refreshing to have a good offensive coordinator

Ron Weltmer on Facebook: I'm a believer for sure. The progress is evident!

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