PROVO, Utah -- Most didn't think Wyoming had a shot at knocking off Air Force last week.

To go on the road to Provo, a place that has served as a house of horrors for the Cowboys since their last win inside this venue back in 1987, seemed like an impossible task.

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BYU blanked the visitors 14-0 in the third quarter and eventually closed out a 38-24 victory Saturday night inside LaVell Edwards Stadium, but it wasn't the cakewalk Vegas expected.

Maybe it wasn't the blowout you thought it would be either?

Fans from around the globe sounded off on social media about this revisited rivalry matchup:



Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Titus is on a mission!!! Oh...wait...bad phraseology...Titus came to collect....

Kristin McLean (Facebook) Sad to settle for 3….that was a very balanced drive!!!

Darren Thompson (Facebook) These $###%$^$ on TV are going to be lapping up the BYU dish water all. Night. Long. Ugh.

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) BYU got outplayed 1st quarter and was lucky to not get intercepted. They got away with some non called penalties as well. Good job Wyoming even though down by 4, it is evident not only can we stay with them, we should beat the cougars.

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) Okay, Pokes, really good first half! Now get rejuvenated at the half and come out firing on all cylinders after the break! Wyoming Proud





Kathy Karpan (Facebook) The Cowboys are not intimidated by BYU ranking or crowd. Great team!

Cameron James (Facebook) Not going for it on 4th and not trying for the onside kick feels like Bohl put money on BYU to cover the spread!

Brent Wilkes (Facebook) Pass defense was bad, too many missed tackles

Sally Ann Shurmur (Facebook) Let’s go! Everything in front of us for the taking!

Grant Siddoway (Facebook) Tough loss guys but it was a better out çome then most thought especially against the 19th ranked team in the nation.. if u can do that let's win out the season cuz clearly u can compete... poke pride

Sharla Zwemer (Facebook) Shore up that pass defense and get some pressure on the qb. and we will be fine.

Michael Fox (Facebook) Can’t. Miss. Those. Tackles!

Xavier Padilla (Facebook) Soft and sloppy coming out for the second half. I hate that I expected this but still irritating

Kresta MacKinnon (Facebook) No matter what happens these kids should be proud, and we should be proud of them too. Whether deserved or not BYU is a top 20 team with a 24 yr old QB who we are hanging with. Yes, there are things that need work, but this is a rebuilding year, and I personally am really enjoying watching them this year.

Chris Dudley (Facebook) Everybody remember Davis 10 years from now when he's a senior

Dave-Blanche Randolph (Facebook) Lots of things to work on for both sides of the ball. We’ll see how they respond. The O needs a passing game to open up the run more. Based on todays scores, the MW is wide open and every game will be tough (except for the sheep).

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