The Jacques Laramie Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR), and the Laramie Valley Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol working to raise money to purchase wreaths for veteran graves at Greenhill Cemetery in partnership with Wreaths Across America.

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n December 1992, Maine wreath maker Morrill Worcester found himself with a surplus of 5,000 balsam wreaths during the holiday season. Seeing this surplus as an opportunity to pay tribute to our country’s veterans, Worcester arranged for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington National Cemetery.

In 2007, the Worcester family, along with veterans and volunteers, formed the non-profit organization Wreaths Across America to continue and expand their efforts and support those around the country who wished to do the same. In recent years more than two million wreaths were placed at more than 2,100 participating locations around the world.

Each handmade, fresh wreath costs $15 to sponsor and is made in the USA. In 2020, working with other fundraising partners, locals were able to place more than 800 wreaths at the cemetery and other locations in Albany County.

You can purchase wreaths directly from the Wreaths Across America website. Please select Greenhill cemetery as the location for your wreaths to go, and which of the fund-raising partners working with Wreaths Across America you wish to support. The deadline for purchasing a wreath is December 1.

Wreaths will be placed worldwide on National Wreaths Across America day, December 18, 2021, with local ceremonies beginning at 11 am at Greenhill Cemetery.

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