With Albany County School District #1 (ACSD#1) entering the final stage of its search for a superintendent, they are stressing the importance of having public participation in the search.

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ACSD#1 board of trustees will be reviewing applications over the next two weeks, narrowing down the group of finalists, and will also be inviting a select group of candidates to visit Laramie for a series of interviews.

It will be after the interviews, along with public forums, that the Board of Education will offer a single candidate the job.

The board's final deliberations will be on May 4, with the announcement taking place soon after.

The current superintended, Dr. Jubal Yennie, plans to resign his position effective June 30.

With this in mind, ACSD1 Board Chair Janice Marshall has stressed the importance of community participation in the process of selecting a new superintendent.

When they come to Laramie, each finalist will be participating in two separate forums: one for ACSD1 staff members, and another for the broader community, where they will be able to speak to educators, parents, students, and all Albany County residents.

Currently, the visits are tentatively scheduled for April 26 - 28, from 6-7 pm, and are subject to candidate availability. The public will be updated on the finalized date by the end of the week.

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