I love it when any favorite old character is revealed for who they were when young, going way back before they were ever introduced. Now we get to see another character we never knew in their early years, only this isn't just any character, it's our favorite dude - Wyoming's Walt Longmire.

The Western Star is the name of a train from Longmire's past. The reviews praise Johnson's young Deputy Longmire. The Desert News glowed about writing skills, as though Craig Johnson must still love, “rolling up his sleeves and tackling a blank page,” wrote Kent Larsen.

I've never written my first novel, much less my thirteenth in a series, but I know we love our Wyoming character, if only from watching him on Netflix. And we have to love this from The New York Times Book Review: “It’s the scenery - and the big guy standing in front of the scenery - that keeps us coming back to Craig Johnson …” That's WY scenery.

The Western Star is available at Amazon, and most major retailers, like Barnes and Noble.

The Western Star overview, on thriftbook.com and many other other sites, includes the sheriff once again making sure an old criminal stays on parole for life. He's done it every four years, only this time, neither of them are getting any younger.

If you think you'll like Longmire going in and out "of past and present," it might be cool that the nearest thing to time travel happens here in Wyoming.



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