Brook trout caught in Laramie area lakes, or in Area 5, are now included in the six-trout limit, set by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on January 1, 2014. This restriction, however, does not apply to brook trout caught in streams.

Additionally, licensed anglers can use up to 6 ice fishing poles on the Wheatland Reservoir No. 3 and on Lake Hattie.

Robin Kepple of the Wyoming Game and Fish, explains the changes made to using game fish: Kepple on fishing regulations

Other regulations include:

  • Use of a spear by anglers to take bait fish,
  • Sticklebacks no longer being permitted in Wyoming,
  • Mollusk and or crustaceans must be kept in an aquarium if they are not consumed or used as bait

The new fishing regulations will remain in effect until 2015.

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