If you are not familiar with the Naughty Pines Derby Dames, then you are missing out! The exclusively female roller derby team in Laramie was resurrected in 2009 and will be entering their 4th season this summer. This group of around 40 strong women from all walks of life including students, mothers, teachers, nurses, and more are looking for new recruits as the season begins to gear up. 

If you are interested in getting involved, the Derby Dames invite you to come to the Laramie Plains Civic Center March 18th or 26th from 6-7PM for more details. The group is looking for skaters, refs and non-skating officials. They invite men and women 18+ years of age out to talk to them about joining up. Team members are expected to practice around two days a week throughout the season and the Derby Dames also have a history of giving back to the community while having fun doing so at the same time. Men cannot skate on the team but can ref the bouts if interested. If you are looking for a physically challenging activity to participate in that you will have a blast with at the same time, this is it ladies!

Not interested in joining the team? We still recommend that you try and watch a few of the Derby Dame's Bouts this season as watching one girl plow into another and knocking them over can be quite entertaining. The sport is family friendly and something that everyone will enjoy. The Derby Dames will start off the season with an intra-league bout on the 25th of April, and the first real bout of the season vs Gillette's Roustabout Betties will take place on April 28th. The Derby Dames play their home matches at the Laramie Ice and Events Center; more information on exact times and the full schedule are to come. Bouts will take place about once a month and continue through late summer. Let's get ready to rumble! Get in the mood for some roller derby with the video below:

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