The Question:

When is the city going to begin spraying for mosquitoes?

The Answer:
“Crews have been providing larval control to areas within, and in rural areas adjacent to, the City of Laramie since mid- April. In Early June aerial applications controlled larval mosquitoes on 4,400 acres of irrigated hay, pasture and some riparian areas southwest of town. Larval control operations will continue throughout the summer season and into the fall. Many areas along the Big Laramie River are currently unsafe for crews to access. Control agents will be applied in these areas as water levels decrease.
Thresholds were reached to begin residential fogging on June 8th. Tuesday June 9th crews loaded tested and calibrated fogging equipment in 4 trucks. Fogging for adult mosquitoes was commenced on Wednesday June 10th , beginning in the North area. The North area was not completed that evening due to cold temperatures. On Thursday June 11th the North area was finished but no further work was completed due to cold temperatures. Mosquito control crews generally do not fog on Friday and Saturday nights due to the number of people who are encountered recreating outdoors on these evenings. Sunday June 14th Crews were able to complete the West area and additionally Parks and recreation areas. The south area and the APO area is scheduled to be treated tonight (Monday), weather permitting.
Control agents cannot be applied if wind speeds exceed 10 mph or are less than 1 mph. Control agents cannot be applied if it is raining or foggy. Control agents cannot be applied if temperatures are below 50 F.
Additional and updated information can be found on the City’s website at”

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