The Laramie Police Department said that this year’s Jubilee Days celebration in Laramie went smoothly, with little criminal activity.

Lt. Gwen Smith said this year, the LPD made 18 arrests, which included five DUI arrests, 65 traffic stops, wrote 22 traffic-specific citations and 21 non-traffic citations from Thursday, July 12 to Sunday, July 15.

Smith said that those numbers are a little higher than an average weekend, but that it’s to be expected when you have an influx of people in town and also a higher number of people out and about.

“We thought it was a really good Jubilee Days, it was really quiet law enforcement-wise,” Smith said. “People had a really good time because of the 150th anniversary events that were going on. But we didn’t see a lot of criminal activity or over consumption. It was well attended and for the most part there were not very many issues.”

However, Smith says that the LPD makes sure they are ready for the influx of people and the busy downtown scene. She said that during Jubilee Days, all officers that are capable of working a patrol shift of any a kind, who aren’t on light duty, are not allowed to take vacation during that time. Smith says officers are needed for the Jubilee Days Parade, as well as to patrol the downtown area.

“We man not only the parade, which needs a very large number of officers to make sure the parade is safe along that route, but we have officers that work the downtown street dance area. And some of the other permits for alcohol service have officers involved, the beer tent, the brewfest,” She said. “So we have a large number of officers for the department size that are working just the events at Jubilee Days.”

Smith said the police presence at events is in addition to officers who are working their regular patrol shift.

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